You can support the project through purchases of souvenirs or donated items!

Note: We've elected to keep our costs low and not build a traditional web store with all the usual bells and whistles.  Most items are available via eBay; anything that isn't on eBay can be ordered by email to -- include your name, full mailing address, and what you'd like to order -- include sizes and colors as may be applicable.  We'll email a total and further instructions; we can take your payment by phone or via the "donate" link on this site.

Logo Merchandise

We've chosen then the number plate from the front of #4's smokebox as the logo for our project.  The number plate is a story of renewal and of saving an old part from the scrapyard.    Our locomotive was ordered by its first owner to be their #701, and that was proudly displayed in the center of the number plate on the front of the smokebox.  When Rayonier acquired her from the previous owner, they chose to honor the heritage of the locomotive she was to replace -- #4 -- by reusing her number on the "new" locomotive.  Many railroads would have just ordered a new number plate from the factory and thrown the old one away, but Rayonier chose to keep the existing plate and just change the number.  If you look closely at the number plate, you can still see evidence of the 701 having been (mostly) ground off, and a new number 4 cut from scrap steel in the locomotive shop and welded over the top.  The 4 is ever-so-slightly off-center, but this just allows us to see the history that's still there peeking out from behind it.   Likewise, this project seeks to restore an old, time-worn locomotive and preserve the Olympic Peninsula's logging history for future generations of local residents and visitors alike. 

Restore the 4! Gray T-shirt  $25

Show your support by wearing this super-comfortable Tee wherever you go.  It features a portrait of our beloved locomotive on the front, and and with a print of her number plate on the back.   This high-quality Tee is available in a variety of sizes up to Adult 4XL. 

Restore the 4! "Overalls" T-Shirt $25

"The World's Most Comfortable Pinstriped Suit"  -- Have you ever ridden a steam train without seeing several pair of blue pinstripe overalls?  We celebrate their long association with railroading  (and with #4) with this shirt.  It is available in a variety of sizes up to Adult 2XL.   The project logo appears on the back of the shirt, too.  

Restore the 4! Baseball hats $25

The project logo embroidered on a one-size-fits-all baseball hat.  Your choice of Charcoal (Gray), White, or Black.  

This item is sold out on eBay, and the remaining stock travels to events like model railroad shows where it is sold in person.  If you like, you can order via email to

Ebay is sold out!

(Email us to purchase)

Restore the 4! Video $25

Almost three hours of Rayonier railroad video, including the famous "End of an Era" from 1962, newly re-scanned and restored from the master film

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Check back often; other items are coming soon!

Other Merchandise

Rayonier and other interested parties in the community have graciously donated a selection of other items (including used computers) for sale.  We sell them on eBay as they are made available.  To see a list, go to and search for "North Olympic Peninsula Railroaders" in the search box.