The Team

The restoration project is under the authority of the City of Port Angeles, Washington, managed by the City's Parks and Recreation department.  The lead community organization for the project is the North Olympic Peninsula Railroaders, a local charitable organization dedicated to railroad history.  Rayonier Inc, the forestry company that operated #4 in western Clallam County, is contributing financially & helping provide volunteer labor.  The Sequim Museum and Arts Center is helping with publicity and history.

The most important member of the team?  You!  

Join the team by donating to help fund the restoration.  While there will likely be opportunities to help with the labor (and we've had lots of people contact us about that) we first have to raise the funds to pay for the preparation, repairs, and materials that are required to Restore the 4.  Donations are made through North Olympic Peninsula Railroaders, a qualified 501(c)(3) charitable organization, and therefore may be tax deductible.

The Team

Grants Received

Clallam County Heritage Fund $2,500

Rayonier Inc $8,500

Anonymous       (up to) $750 

Nor’Wester Rotary Club     $10,000

Partner Organizations

City of Port Angeles, WA

North Olympic Peninsula Railroaders

Sequim Museum & Arts

Individual Donors / Contributors

(in alphabetical order by last name)

Michael Armstrong

Eric Arnese

Bill Banta

Philip Barney

Ryan Bednarik

Mark Belford

Richard Bell

Nora Boerner

Rick Boucher

Luke Boren

Morris & Zane Bradford

Matthew Breed

Mark Bridwell

James Brooks

Kathy Brooks

John Bryant

William Buchan

Randy Burgess

Colin Camarillo

Russ Carlson

Bob Chapman

Megan Christison

Kevin Colbeck

Matthew Coleman

Scott Coleman

Loretta Commet

Vickie Cherry

Craig Cruz

Ethan Dauron

Rod Davidson

Christophe Davis

William Deen

Jim Dennis

Katherine Dexter

Heather Dolan

S. Downing

Steve Dryke

William Dybing

Gary Durr

John Eassey

Joshua Erbe

Eric Evans

Jonathan Fischer

Weston Fraser

Andrea & Scott Golding

Auston Golding

Julie Golding

Richard Golding

Michael Hagen

Jesse Hagler

Leonard Hanley

Martin Hansen

John Haskey

Michael Hermann

Justin Hearn

Richard Hobson

Mark Hodgson

Michael Hostetter

Justin Hughes

Mike Huntzinger

Phyllis Hurworth

Lloyd Huff

Matt Iisager

Karen Iozzia

Josh Kaivo

Brenda Kennedy

Joy Kent

Sheldon & Elizabeth Koehler

Kay Koitzch

Lad Libera

Steve Leeson

Raimund Lierhammer

Linda C. Livingston

Stephen Loczy

Robert Eugene "Bob" Long

Conor Mangarelli

Ryan Marrs

Dana Martell

Gerald Massie

Sabrina Mattioda

Mike McDonald

Neil McKay

Ryan Mayo

Michael McVicker

Bill Monahan

Jeff Moore

Grant Munro

Jawar Nelson

George T. Noe

Milton Nicolle 

Cody O'Leary

Sharon Oppenheimer

Keith Osojnak

Christopher Palmquest

Paul Pellegrino

Judd Phillips

Kim Poulos

Andrew Poultridge

Ruth Replogle

Larry Richards

Damon Riggins

Katrina Robb

William Roberds

Ryan Rogstad

Kevin Rouleau

Kim Sartor

Leslie Sawyer

Rhea Schneider

John M Schreier

Lisa Schwiesow

K. Secrest

George Severson

Alan Sewell

Richard Serr

Alan Sewell

Don C. Shapiro

Arlen Sheldrake

Abby Sill

Spencer Smith

Gretchen Souza

Jim Steeby

Lee Stohr

Tracey Summerlin

Susan Taubeneck

Neil Thompson

Christopher Tyndall

Charles Velie

Lucio Viera

Dennis Walters

Randel Washburne

Vernon Weed

Scott Weisman

Taylor Wells

Robert Wilcox

Leona Will

Adam Williams

Ann Williams

Stuart Wood

Aaron Zorko

So far, we've had folks show their support the project from everywhere in Clallam County, several other Washington counties, plus the states of Arizona, California, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Idaho, Illinois, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Montana, Nevada, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Puerto Rico, South Dakota, Texas, Utah, Vermont, Virginia, Washington, West Virginia, Wisconsin, and Wyoming -- and Canada, and even Germany and the United Kingdom!