The Restore the 4 DVD will be available before Thanksgiving 2023          

UPDATE:  Now available for sale:  Click here for the eBay listing: Restore The 4! video collection - Videos, photos, ebooks | eBay 

One member of the team (Scott) is the company historian for Rayonier.  He says "I am frequently asked if Rayonier has any unpublished railroad footage that I can share.    Rayonier is coming up on its Centennial, and in preparation, we cracked open the vault to look.  Sure enough, we found quite a bit of film."  

Rayonier licensed all of it to the Restore The 4 project, and we've created a video production to be distributed on USB drives -- because there's way too much for a DVD!  The headline title will be the best-known of Rayonier's films, "End of an Era" which chronicles the transition from steam power to diesel on Rayonier's logging railroad near Hoquiam, Washington.  It's available on YouTube today, but it is a copy scanned from an old VHS tape, and the quality isn't great.  Rayonier re-released it on DVD about 2005, but it was the same edition as on VHS tape, so it isn't the best it can be.     I found the master films, and got the show rescanned at Full HD resolution.  Rayonier donated the cost to do the best digital restoration we could find.  I'd tell you it is better, but look for yourself -- the best version you've ever seen before is on the right, and the new scan is on the left:

But that is just 18 minutes of film, and we've got more than two full hours worth.  Here's what else will be included:

The Last Run of #2:

The ceremonial last run of Willamette #2 -- a sister to #4 -- on June 27, 1962

Running time: 8:55  

Silent, Color

Clallam Rail & Logging Operations

A 1956 film made by Rayonier's sales rep from Baldwin, showing the Clallam rail and logging operations with steam power as well as the arrival of Rayonier's first two diesel locomotives.  It includes scenes of #4 in action at Sekiu!

Running time: 19:39

Silent, Color

#8 at Sekiu

#8 pulling logs into Sekiu, the shops, and the "jillpoke" unloader in action on the pier.

Running time: 2:36  

Silent, Color

The Spirit of 76

Rayonier's Diesel #76 getting painted in Bicentennial livery, followed by a bit of cruising around showing it off -- and people came out to see it!

Runtime: 2:15

Silent, Color

1966 Board of Directors Tour

The Rayonier board rides from near Railroad Camp up to Crane Creek, tours the log yard and a remote logging operation.

Runtime: 14:48

Silent, Color

End of An Era Outtakes

#14 at the new Prairie Creek Bridge (1:19), #38 cruising at Axford Prairie (1:16), Diesel #45 on the barge (7:02)

Runtime: 9:37

Silent, Color

Polson Museum Films

5 films showing #111, Railroad Camp, and the scrap yard, including a ride-along on #111.

Runtime: 16:09

Silent, Color

Excerpts from 1935 Silent Film

In 1935 Rayonier made a silent film showing the process of turning timber into their high-grade pulp.  Here are the train-related excerpts -- Simpson Railroad scenes, Shelton, WA.

Runtime 4:15

Silent, Black & White

Vancouver Island Logging, 1938-1944

Film of logging life, including railroad action, from Canada.  Shot by a logging donkey operator, showing camp life, high-lead logging, railroad operations, and shipping via boat.

Runtime: 26:10

Folk music sound, Black & White

Last of the Steam Age 

A KOMO TV production heavily supported by Rayonier, this Exploraton Northwest episode tells the story of the retirement of steam power in the woods.

Runtime: 24:20

Sound, Black & White 


eBook: The Locomotives of Rayonier

Most don't realize that Rayonier had rail operations across the United Sates; this book is a modern compilation of photos of all the Locomotives that called Rayonier (and its predecessor companies) home, and marks the first time photos of all of their locomotives are in one place. 


A collection of nearly 150 Rayonier railroad photos from the collections of Rayonier and Scott Golding.  Many show events surrounding and leading up to the "End of an Era" celebration in March 1962, but several are from the Clallam line, along with several Baldwin Locomotive builder's photos, too.